Let's Go

Building Ideas Through
Creative Exploration

Children: Ages 5 – 8






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After School Classes with Teacher, Lane Gifford

CHILDREN AGES 5 Years Old to 8 Years Old
Stimulating classes that encourage children to stretch their imagination and find their own special voices.

1) ARTSjam
This thrilling class mixes and matches the arts and includes colorful, brand new exciting activities in drama, movement, art, music, the martial arts and more. We paint, sing, dance, build, play drama games, read stories and explore everyone’s imagination. Come swim with dolphins, fly with dragons, construct fantastic castles, sing upbeat songs, draw colorful pictures and move to the music. This class is popular with both boys and girls.

This is an energetic movement class that approaches dance from a fun-filled, multi-arts perspective.  We listen to upbeat music, practice dance sequences, explore improvisational movement games, draw pictures, read stories and create dances based on those stories.  This is about creative movement exploration, which is done via a narrative, musical and visual art point of view.